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                  Leadership Perspectives

                  Marsh & McLennan Companies is a brains business

                  Clients seek our insights and guidance to navigate changing times and maximize opportunity. Below, our executives share unique insights on timely issues as both subject-matter experts and business leaders.

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_Glaser

                    DAN GLASER

                    Done Deal

                    President and CEO Dan Glaser gives Reactions Magazine the inside story on one of the most talked-about deals in years – and what it means for MMC’s future.

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_Doyle

                    John Doyle

                    View From the Top

                    It’s an exciting time for us at Marsh and for the industry because risk continues to grow. New risks are emerging all the time and the challenge and opportunity for us it to help clients navigate them.

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_McDonald

                    Scott McDonald

                    Preparing for the Advance of AI

                    However uncertain the ramifications of artificial intelligence, Western firms will almost certainly face a “skills gap.” Oliver Wyman’s CEO Scott McDonald says that taking a multifaceted and flexible approach to their workforces is the best way for businesses to prepare for the uncertain advance of AI.

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_Beshar

                    PETER BESHAR

                    Bring Back a Civil Defense to Make Cyberspace Safe

                    Governments and businesses alone can't keep themselves and our communities safe from cyberattacks. Marsh & McLennan General Counsel Peter Beshar and FBI Special Agent Ari Mahairas say cybersecurity is a civic responsibility in this U.S. News & World Report editorial.

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_Ledford

                    Laurie Ledford

                    Four Ideas on Managing HR Technology

                    For HR Tech Outlook magazine, Marsh & McLennan’s Chief Human Resources Officer Laurie Ledford asks if HR professionals are keeping pace with new technologies — and offers four ideas on how to manage a company’s HR technology to deliver even greater value. 

                  • martine 4

                    MARTINE FERLAND

                    Martine Ferland: Retirement Savings Crisis in the Gig Economy

                    Thanks to rapid innovations, the opportunity to live longer and healthier has never been greater. But, for many Americans, this ends at retirements door. In an op-ed by Mercer CEO Martine Ferland, she discusses how the U.S. Congress can change this trend by passing comprehensive retirement security legislation that would greatly improve the retirement prospects for many Americans. 

                  • Leadership-Perspectives1_McGivney

                    Mark McGivney

                    How We Invest in Our Finance Team

                    Marsh & McLennan’s Chief Financial Officer Mark McGivney shares his insights on the company’s launch of a dedicated academy to enhance the professional development of Marsh & McLennan finance colleagues in this feature story authored by the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP).